Baby Luxury Double Layer Soft Gauze Bath Towel


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Wrap your baby in the ultimate comfort with the Luxury Double Layer Soft Gauze Bath Towel. This luxurious bath towel is made from double-layered soft and absorbent gauze that provides superior absorbency while drying quickly. It’s perfect for after-shower relaxation, or even long days at the beach. The lightweight design of this towel won’t weigh your baby down and makes it easy to take on any adventure. With an extra touch of elegance, its classic color will never go out of style. Pamper your baby with the Luxury Double Layer Soft Gauze Bath Towel and enjoy a spa-level experience every time you shower!


Product information:
Product category: holding blanket
Fabric: bamboo fiber
Suitable season: spring, autumn, winter, summer
Pattern: cartoon, flower, animal, geometry, shape
Source category: spot
Color: Pegasus, rainbow horse, fox rabbit, car, mermaid, vase, penguin, alpaca
Specification: 110 * 120cm


Additional information

Weight 0.14 g
Dimensions 200 × 100 × 40 cm

Penguin, Car, Pegasus, Mermaid, Vase, Fox rabbit, Alpaca, Rainbow horse


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