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▶Make Hair Fiber Powder Apply Accurately: The hair fiber applicator is specially designed for precisely apply the fibers into thinning areas.
▶Natural and uniform Effect: Hair fiber sprayer nozzle, allows the fiber to be evenly sprayed on the hair to be attached, the adhesion effect is better, and the appearance is better.
▶Long-lasting and Economic: A hair fiber applicator allows you to spray hair fibers very precisely, thereby saving fibers. Is an indispensable accessory for fiber powder lovers.
▶Easy to Use: Spray application atomization can be used repeatedly, and the use method is also simple.
How to use
1.Put the nozzle on the fiber hole surface of the fiber powder bottle.
.Point the nozzle head at the hair area where the fiber powder is to be attached.
3*.Press the silicone pump with your thumb, the fiber powder can be sprayed out.

Heat conductor material: tourmaline ceramic
Temperature control adjustment: 7 sections
Applicable hair type: wet and dry
Diameter of the heat conductor: 31mm or more
Best modeling time: 1-2 minutes
Color: green
Number of segments: 7 segments
Rated voltage: 220v
Heating method: PTC heating
It will automatically power off after about 20 minutes of use

Package Content:
1 * Hair Building Fibers


Additional information

Weight 0.08 g
Dimensions 150 × 120 × 30 cm

Auburn Powder25g, Blonde Powder25g, Grey Powder25g, Light gold Powder25g, Light brown Powder25g, Med brown Powder25g, Med blonde Powder25g, White25g, White, Med brown, Light brown, Auburn, Blonde, Dark brown, Grey, Lt blond, Black, Med blonde, Nozzle pump, Dark brown Powder25g, Black Powder25g


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