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Product size:

Battery: three AAA batteries

Product Name: Colorful cycle color change colorful natural sound alarm clock

  Product features:

Accompanied by the sound of nature – chicken, ducks, geese, cattle, birds, songs, flowing water, etc.

1) Normal time display mode, display time, date (from 2000-2099), week, and can realize 12/24 hour conversion;

2) Music alarm clock and snooze mode, alarm clock mode can set daily alarm time, and can choose different natural sound music.

Cocoa sets the interval duration of snooze;

3) Timer mode

4) The timer mode can be set to countdown, the timing range is 23:59:29~0:00:00 hours;

5) Temperature mode, which can realize the mutual conversion of Celsius/Fahrenheit. The normal temperature range is “0°C~ 50°C (32°F~ 122°F).

6) Natural sound demonstration function, which can realize music appreciation function; (6 natural sound alarms)

7) Enjoy the timing function to set the length of time for music appreciation;

8) Colorful light function (automatic color change)

9) Working voltage 4.5V (three 7 batteries are not included)

  Use 3 7th batteries (the battery needs to be self-contained by the buyer, ordinary carbon battery, do not use high-capacity alkaline battery)

Introduction to product features


The large LCD digital display design makes it easy to see at a glance! The normal time mode displays the time, date (from 2000 to 2099), and the week can be converted to a 12/24 hour system.
The alarm clock mode, natural sound and music, can set the interval of snooze interval.
Timer mode, timing range 23:59:59~0:00:00 hours.
Temperature mode, normal measurement range 0 ° C -50 ° C (32F-122F), can achieve the conversion of Celsius / Fahrenheit temperature.
6 music appreciation, you can set the time for music appreciation.
Colorful night light, colorful LCD backlight.
Uses: home, travel, business gifts Promotions

Open the machine’s 7 kinds of soft color light cycle demonstrations, accompanied by the pleasant natural sound music, so that you can immediately feel the mood and relieve stress!


7 treatment shades:
1 (red) – makes the body full of vitality, stimulates physiological functions, and promotes metabolism.
2 (yellow) – stimulates the brain and makes your brain flexible.
3 (green) – the mood of flat up, relax, and balance the brain.
4 (Blue) – Enhance wisdom and imagination, control emotions, calm down anger.
5 (light blue) – ease the excitement, calm it down, stimulate the brain, and make your brain flexible.
6 (Purple) – treating the pain of the soul.
7 (dark purple) – relieve stress.

6 natural sound music:

  Press the SOUND button to enjoy the music. The LCD displays the current music for the first presentation and displays the remaining time (minutes/second) of the current presentation. Demonstrate in order:

  1. Farm ducks, cattle and sheep

  2. Cuckoo is called

3. Flowing water + bird calling

4. Ravens

5. Water sound

6, the first 5 first cycle


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