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1. Swedish mouth-suction nasal aspirator, mothers no longer worry about the baby’s small nose
2. A really easy-to-use nasal aspirator, gently inhale, soothe the baby’s nasal congestion
3. Small size and light weight
4. There is no need to insert the straw into the nasal cavity, and it does not damage the baby’s nasal mucosa
5. Sleek straw mouth, even if the baby moves around, it will not be scratched



Mouth suction nasal suction device
Material: Silicone


Package Content:

one nasal suction + four replacement filter

1. Safety material, health protection uses high-quality APP material, does not contain BPA, benzoic acid and other harmful substances.
2. Easy to operate, fast and effective suction controllable, do not worry about excessive damage to your baby.
3. Removable cleaning, more sanitary. It is not necessary to directly contact the baby’s nasal cavity, effectively prevent cross-contagion of various diseases, equipped with exclusive storage box, more sanitary.


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Weight 0.05 g
Dimensions 150 × 120 × 30 cm



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