Cozy Cotters


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Product Category: Baby Crib
Material: cotton
A: Gray stars
B: green leaves
C: gray clouds
D: Red Stars and Stripes
E: Blue Stars and Stripes
F: Pink love
G: light blue stars
H: Colorful five-pointed star
I: Blue wavy blue crown
J: colored square
L: green grid
M: Black wavy size stars
N: light pink love
O: Black wave crown
P: yellow wavy white crown
Q: Yellow wavy yellow crown
R: gray blue bottom triangle
S: gray pink triangle
T: blue wavy white crown
U: white powder stars
V: pink wavy pink stars

External size: 80x50cm Suitable for 0-2 years old baby
Internal size: 65x25cm (25cm is the width of the mat inside the bed, the outside is bigger)
Machine washable cotton double-sided available

Additional information

Weight 1.13 g
Dimensions 150 × 120 × 30 cm

M, I, B, O, U, R, Q, T, S, H, G, C, J, F, D, A, E, P, L, N, V


80 ×50cm, 0 ×50cm


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