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[Usage]: Press the red A button to set the defense and beep once; press the gray B button to cancel the anti-theft, and it will beep twice.

Super loud, easy to operate, easy to burglar;

Leave the bicycle for a short time, no need to trouble to lock up 1. Features:

  1. Green and environmental protection to ensure safe use:
    2. Adopt high sensitivity arming probe, high sensitivity;
    3. Adopt microcomputer control, the sensitivity has three levels of “high, medium and low” adjustable, high reliability:
    4. Use the password to arm, only the owner can release the arming state;
    5. The standby power consumption is as low as micro-amps, and the battery life is long:
    6. The structure is simple and reliable, and the installation is convenient.
    Second, the operation method:
    1. Password setting and changing:
    The default password of the product in the factory setting is: “ABCA”, in the non-armed state, the user can press
    Use the following method to change to your own password: Press and hold the A button for about 3 seconds, hear a “drop”, enter
    The old password, if the password is correct, you will hear three sounds of “Dididi” prompting you to enter it correctly.
    Start to input the new four-digit password within 5 seconds, if the modification is successful, you will also hear “Dididi” three
    Sound prompt. If you enter the old password incorrectly or modify the new password unsuccessfully, you can exit the password with a long beep
    Code modification status, you need to perform the above operation again:
    If the battery is removed for about 30 seconds, the system automatically restores the factory default password: “ABCA”.
    2. Sensitivity adjustment:
    The factory-set sensitivity is mid-range. In the non-armed state, long press the C key to hear “drop”
    –The sound prompt setting sensitivity is “High”, long press the C key again to hear “Drip” two prompt prompt settings
    Sensitivity is “medium”, long press C key again to hear “dididi” three prompts to set the sensitivity to
    “Low”, continue to press the C key will cycle the above setting operations:
    3. Arming:
    Hold down the B key for about 3 seconds, hear a “drop” prompt to enter the arming state, and start to alarm after 5 seconds
    4. Unarm:
    In the arming state, enter the correct four-digit password to release the arming.
    “Didi” three prompts, if the password is wrong, a long beep prompts to enter the error:
    5. Enter the wrong password for four times in any state, the system will lock the keyboard, any operation at this time
    Will be invalid, and the lock will be automatically released after 3 minutes;
    6. In the arming state, the anti-theft device will send a short alarm 5 times when it feels vibration, if it is again within 5 seconds
    Under the vibration, the alarm sounds continuously for 15 seconds.
    Three, technical parameters:
    Power supply: 6F229V battery section:
    Working current: <1 00mA:
    Sound: >105db
    Working temperature: -15°C~75’C;
    Storage temperature: -40C~85C;
    Environmental humidity: 5%~-98%.
    Four, matters needing attention:
    1. The product is correctly installed to prevent rain, but it cannot be immersed in water:
    2. It is recommended to use 9V alkaline. In winter in some cold areas, please use electricity with better cold resistance
    Battery, please replace the battery with a new one when the volume of the alarm sound is reduced;
    3. When not using for a long time, please take out the battery to avoid damaging the product due to battery leakage.







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