SuperSwitch 6-Pack


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Product Information:

Product Size: Host: Length: 13.5cm Width: 8.5cm Height: 3.5cm Panel: Length: 10cm Width: 8cm Height: 2.5cm
Opening Size: Length: 4.8cm Width: 1.8cm
Product Material: Abs, Pc, Pcb, Pvc, High And Low Temperature Resistant Flame Retardant Environmental Protection

Light Color: On: Blue Off: White
Product Color: Black
Environmental Requirements: Working Temperature: -10°C ~ +50°C; Storage Temperature: -20°C ~ +60°C; Working Humidity: 35~85% Rh; Storage Humidity: 5 ~ 95% Rh
Maximum Power: 960w
Input Voltage: Dc12v-24v

Product Advantage: 

[1] The Product Is A 6-Position Switch Panel, Including 6 Switches, Which Can Simultaneously Control The Switch States Of 6 Electrical Appliances

[2] The Input Voltage Of The Product Is 12-24v, And All Ships And Vehicles Of 12-24v Can Be Installed And Used, And The Application Range Is Very Wide.

[3] The Product Is Made Of Abs, Pc, Pbt Resistant To High And Low Temperature, Flame Retardant And Environmentally Friendly Materials, Which Can Be Used In An Environment Where The Minimum Temperature Is -25° And The Maximum Temperature Is 80°

[4] The Product Is Equipped With A Self-Recovery Fuse. When The Input Current Exceeds The Maximum Input Current, It Will Automatically Cut Off The Power Without Causing Any Damage To The Electrical Appliances. Reconnect The Correct Voltage And Current To Resume Normal Operation.

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Weight 0.50 g
Dimensions 150 × 120 × 30 cm

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