3L Portable Dual Nozzle Humidifier USb Silent


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Product Information:

Applicable area: 21-30 square meters

Water tank capacity: 2.6-4.0 liters

Applicable object: household

Item No.: Double nozzle humidifier

Function: Ultrasonic

Number of fog outlets: 2



Add water design Double nozzle spray Atmosphere night light Bass operation Adjustable fog volume 3.3L water tank

  1. Multi-color ambient light, your night is no longer dark, accompany you to sleep to add color to your dreams, key to turn on the ambient light, warm, soft and not dazzling

  2. Three levels of mist, the mist is released more quickly, click the button to spray continuously for 1 level, press the button again to turn on the alternate spray, and the third button to turn on the gap spray (spray for 3 seconds and stop for 3 seconds)

  3. Double spray nozzles, surging large amount of fog, and independently controlled double spray nozzle design. Adjust according to different humidity requirements to enhance the humidification experience

  4. Make a hydrating SPA with fine and heavy fog volume, high-speed water fog conversion, water molecules can be refined into fine particles that can penetrate the skin, reach the basal layer, and improve dry skin

  5. Pure Nordic design, simple is good, observe the simplicity and comfort in life, discover beauty from imperfections, and discover simple happiness from complexity

  6. Work quietly, children sleep peacefully without fear of waking up, adopt low-noise components and double noise reduction design, working sound as low as 35dB and enjoy a good night’s sleep

  7. It can be carried or hung as you like. It adopts a button-type portable hand strap, which is convenient and labor-saving. In addition to placing it on the table and the ground, it can also be hung on a pole.

  8. It is portable to add water, do not carry the water tank to move around, in the gap between your work or study, you do not need to carry the water tank to move around, easy to complete the water filling

  9. The 3.3L large-capacity water tank does not need to add water frequently. The 3.3L large-capacity water tank humidifies the whole night without delaying a good night’s sleep.


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Weight 0.60 g
Dimensions 150 × 120 × 30 cm

White, Pink




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